Contemporary Dance

We learned about contemporary dance and how it has been inspired by many different styles. We are focusing on the Horton style which includes lunges, elongated limbs and straight backs.

Geography-natural Disasters

To finish our unit on Natural disasters we looked at how tsunamis are caused and their impact on the land and people. Year 6 sequenced the steps and then re-created the different fault lines that can cause earthquakes using Oreos


DT: skills lesson

Year 6 demonstrated excellent drilling and joining skills. Using the hammers proved a challenge but with practice a lot of progress was made.

French: comparing people

Today we continued with our French topic and practiced saying comparison words such as petit- small, jueune- young and grand- big. Mr Morgan was a great teacher recapping the vocabulary.


DT: bird boxes

This morning we made an excellent start to our bird boxes. We practiced the skills of sawing, sanding and drilling.


We started our Hockey unit by learning how to hold the stick correctly and dribble.



Mining Museum

As part of our history topic on The Collieries, we enjoyed a visit to Astley Mining Museum.